How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

Scalp Micropigmentation is employing a needle to the scalp to recreate the original hair line as well as fix any thinning or balding patches. While some people think this is very similar to tattooing it is in fact quite different.  Unlike a tattooing needle, a scalp micropigmentation technician will place thousands of tiny dots of pigment just beneath the surface of the skin on your scalp. This array of dots will create the appearance of a head of hair which the client has chosen to shave clean, and is in the process of growing back out once again. The procedure will create an incredibly natural appearance, a naturally occurring hairline, and in conjunction with existing hair growth, can be used to accentuate even more fullness across the head.

After the initial consultation, the scalp micropigmentation procedure can be completed in one to three sessions, depending on the degree of hair loss being treated. Anyone who is suffering from any degree of male pattern baldness can walk away confident in the appearance of a full head of closely shaven hair.

  • During your initial consultation, our team will make time for a detailed discussion of your hair goals, to ensure we comprehend entirely the exact results you would like to achieve with Regrow. We will create a comprehensive treatment plan to make sure we produce the results you are looking for.
  • On your first subsequent visit, your micropigmentation treatment will begin. Based on experience, we like to recommend a more conservative initial treatment session. You may experience redness of the scalp, but rest assured any pain will be extremely minor. Most clients will rate the pain experienced during scalp micropigmentation procedures as a two on a scale of ten.
  • For your second visit, we continue to pigment the skin of the scalp to create a balanced, three-dimensional hair appearance. Many clients will see their treatment completed after just two visits.
  • There are cases when a client will require a third and final session to complete the look of full head coverage they are looking for. Just like any tattoo, once your last session has been completed and evaluated, your treatment is guaranteed.

No matter what level of hair loss you may be battling, a Regrow scalp micropigmentation procedure can provide you the results and the self-confidence boost you have been seeking. Perhaps you have suffered a full hair loss, or maybe you are experiencing patches of thinning – regardless, scalp micropigmentation will emulate the appearance of healthy, closely trimmed hair.

As another plus, scalp micropigmentation treatment can assist those who have had a previous bad experience with any of the other available treatments for MPB. A large percentage of our clients are people who have experimented with different options but did not realize an acceptable degree of success. Many have been around the block so to speak, and are simply looking for something that works, versus another sales pitch. Scalp micropigmentation is a safe, guaranteed effective treatment that can in many cases help to mask the scarring and markings left behind from previous transplantation procedures.

At Regrow Micro, it goes beyond just doing a job. Our professional technicians can relate to your experience and are incredibly dedicated to helping those experience any form of hair loss. Many members of our Regrow team, not to mention our ownership, have struggled personally with male pattern baldness and the self-confidence issues that come with it. We understand the sensitivity surrounding hair loss issues, and our entire team wants you to know we have your back – we know what you are going through, and it is our collective mission to share the miracle of scalp micropigmentation with as many people as possible.

Deciding on a hair loss treatment method is a serious and uniquely personal decision, and should be made with care after carefully considering what’s best for you. The Regrow team is here to help you understand the positive and negative aspects of the hair restoration options on the market, so that you may best choose the treatment plan that is right for your situation. At Regrow we believe scalp micropigmentation to be the only guaranteed solution out there, and we cannot wait to show you the results you too can achieve.

It is no secret that it is tough to talk about hair loss. It is a delicate subject nobody likes to bring up. However, the truth is, once you commit to attack the problem and come up with a solution, Regrow Micro is here to help you every step of the way. We have given countless men a new lease on life with a restored sense of self-confidence and secure a life-long solution to their hair loss woes. We want to earn your trust and help you achieve the results you so richly desire. Schedule a private consultation now to discuss your situation, your hair restoration goals, and how the miracle of scalp micropigmentation can change your life.

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